PANASONIC 18V 6 delig combipack 4 X 5.0AH

  • EY79A3 Brushless Combi Drill 
  • EY76A1 Impact Brushless Driver
  • EY78A1 SDS Hammer Drill
  • EY4550 Jigsaw
  • EY45A2 Circular Saw
  • EY46A2 Angle Grinder
  • EY0L82 Battery Charger
  • 4 x EY9L54 18V 5.0Ah Batteries
  • 3 x Panasonic Systainers 


Next generation intelligent control technology


EY79A3 Brushless Combi Drill Features 

  • Dual voltage - use a 14.4V or 18V Panasonic battery for flexible working
  • NEW 'Smart BL' intelligent control technology: a leading-edge micro-controller delivers optimal brushless motor output for maximised tool performance which delivers the power and speed to suit your task
  • Compact design with comfort grip for perfect handling, even in confined or awkward spaces
  • Powerful percussion mechanism for fast and effortless work
  • 'Smooth Start' electronics start the rotation speed gradually for very slow and smooth starts, ensuring ultimate control when starting drilling or working with small screws in precise applications
  • NEW metal tapping mode allows automatic reverse without having to change the toggle for maximum convenience and accuracy
  • Electronic speed control allows you to tailor the speed to the application and material
  • Speed control function allows you to choose from three different low rotation speed settings (High/Medium/Slow) based on allowable maximum speeds for metal hole saws to greatly reduce ‘run out’ and prevent surface scorching on stainless steel and other materials
  • Electric brake for increased precision when driving rows of screws
  • Robust design for high durability: 
    • Metal chuck with ultra-hard tungsten carbide jaw tips which give extra 'bite strength' and significantly reduce wear
    • Increased amounts of rubber and resin coating at the bottom help prevent damage if the tool is dropped from a height
    • Hybrid switch (semi-electronic) eliminates heavy friction to internal parts when using the electric brake for smoother operation and double the life expectancy of the part
  • Tough Tool IP (intelligent power tool):
    • The power supply is automatically cut-off before over discharge (excessive use), overheating or overload to prevent damage to the tool and battery
    • The switch, electronic circuits and battery are covered by a urethane layer for high levels of dust and water protection
  • LED job light for a clear view when working
  • Battery charge indicator ensures that you never run out of power unexpectedly
  • Belt hook for convenient hanging 



EY76A1 Brushless Impact Driver


  • Smart BL - maximised tool performance with optimal brushless motor output
  • New airflow design - air flow provides efficient cooling to centre of coils as well as around motor
  • DASH mode allows the unit to reach full speed instantaneously giving maximum performance
  • Improved torque and motor speed compared to its predecessor
  • New dual LED work light helps avoid shadowing on your work
  • New longer bit holder socket and tampering collar design make accessory changes quick and simple
  • The base of the device includes storage space for 2x 65mm bits (to left and right)
  • Includes the Panasonic TOUGH TOOL IP technology (IP = Intelligent Powertool)


EY78A1 SDS Hammer Drill Features


The Panasonic EY78A1 18/14.4V Rotary SDS Hammer Drill is a powerful, light and has a Tough Tool IP rating. It is easy and comfortable to hold and features an excellent cooling and dust proof design for continuous use as well as an SDS-plus bit system. 


It offers 5 torque levels, which can be adjusted according to the hardness of the material or the type of material being fastened. 


It also offers high-speed concrete drilling using an air type, Cup Piston Method hammer. It also features an LED light for greater visibility and a shoulder strap.


It’s ideal for screw driving, interior finishing, framing, installing windows/doors, electricians, plumbers, maintenance, and steel fabrication more.


  • Light weight 2.4kg (incl. battery) 
  • Dual function: Rotary Hammer or Drill & Driver 
  • 5 stage torque clutch plus drill position 
  • T shape’ design for improved balance and ergonomics 
  • Drill chuck SDS-plus 
  • Electric speed control 
  • Electric brake 
  • Reversible 
  • Bit adapter

EY45A2 Circular Saw Features


This Panasonic circular saw EY45A2 XM32 is part of the innovative Dual Voltage range, made up of power tools that work with both 18.0v and 14.4v batteries.


It has class leading ergonomic design. It has almost perfect weight balance horizontally and vertically. It also offers an innovative 3 way dust control system Dust extraction outlet, dust collection case or top ejection which means it offers a suitable dust control option. 


The view for cutting is helped by a bright LED light that is focused on the guide slot in front of the blade. It illuminates automatically when the trigger is pulled to start the saw. 


Furthermore It has cell sensor detects the overheating and over discharging. For the battery protect, it will automatically cut the power to the motor and a warning lamp will flash on the control panel to notify the user.


  • Metal Cutter Blade as standard accessory
  • For metal, plastic and wood
  • Transparent window for easy to see the cutting edge
  • Electric speed control
  • 3-way dust control system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Soft grip
  • LED light


EY46A2 Angle Grinder Features


The EY46A2 offers more than 150%* higher power (*when compared with the EY4640 at 14.4v), speed and workload. It enables continuous operation even under substantial load.


It also increased performance, it more compact and approx. 25mm shorter than the previous EY4640 model. This makes it ideal for use in restricted work areas such as under a roof or floor whilst still offering a wider range of applications due to the larger 125 mm disc capacity. 


The ‘On-lock start prevention’ function, the grinder will not start when a battery pack is inserted with the switch at the ON position. (The warning lamp will flash at this time.) Moreover ‘Battery overheats protection’ cuts off power to the motor before the battery temperature rises to a harmful level and flashes a warning lamp on the tool’s control panel to notify the user.


  • 18V / 14.4V Dual voltage interface 
  • Light weight 2.35kg* 
  • Speed at no load 10.000 min-1 (rpm)* 
  • For 125mm discs 
  • Spindle lock for easy disc changes 
  • Separating, cutting and grinding 
  • Re-start function


EY4550 Jigsaw Features  


The Panasonic EY4550 Jigsaw is designed to provide high cutting performance with 4 stages of pendulum the tools speed and accuracy adapts perfectly to a wide variety of different materials. 


Features a counter balance mechanism for reduced vibration as well as a simple mechanism for changing blades. The cutting angle of 0-45 degrees and electronic stroke rate and lightweight 3.35Kg body makes for a great tool for cutting metal plastic and wood.


Furthermore Activating Dust-Blow function, the dust will blowed away and cutting line keeps clear. The Rip fence as standard equipment ensures precise cuts, the LED light and keyless blade change mechanism enable comfortable working. 


The EY4550X is perfect for professional applications like building construction, wood oriented trades and trades with installation works.


  • Light weight 3.35kg (incl. battery)* 
  • 4 stage pendulum for right speed and precision 
  • Counter balance mechanism for reduced vibration 
  • Cutting angle adjustment (0-45°) 
  • Simple blade change mechanism 
  • For metal, plastic and wood 
  • Electronic stroke rate stabilization 
  • Dust blow function 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • LED light


EY9L54 18V 5.0Ah Battery Features


  • The EY9L54 J-Type Lithium-ion battery offers the highest li-ion battery capacity without increasing size over the 4.2Ah.
  • Panasonic original technologies protect your tool in heavy conditions. 
  • The improved design and materials give reduced internal resistance allowing 250% longer lifespan compared with the original Li-ion battery (in high workload conditions). 
  • 80 years battery history and experience make Panasonic the reliable choice.


EY0L82 Battery Charger Features


  • Intelligent battery charger for Panasonic cordless power tools. Uses individual battery cell monitoring system for Li -Ion batteries allowing for longer battery lifetimes and quicker charging.
  • Accepts ALL Lithium-Ion Panasonic cordless power tool battery packs from 14.4 Volts to 28.8 Volts.
  • Charge time 15-90 minute depending on voltage and AH of battery

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